Younger brother learns to son-rise

I just had the most amazing bed time. Since Ian (4 years old) delights in making Nathan (6 years old) laugh, I thought it was about time to teach Ian to son-rise his big brother.

Tonight I told Ian to join Nathan’s isms by echoing what Nathan said. With each echo, both boys laughed. I was mesmerized by all the laughing they exchanged. Ian was so proud of himself. Getting Kuya Nathan’s attention and making him laugh used to be a rare occasion, tonight it has become a breeze for Ian. They were playing a modified game of Simon Says! If it wasn’t so late at night, we would have kept going.

At the end of the night I had to bring Nathan to his room. I asked him to say goodnight to Ian. He said, “Good night Ian, sleep na.”

Son-rise principles:
First, enter the world of an autistic child, speak his language by joining with his “isms” (exclusive, repetitive behavior). After you have learned to communicate with him, pull him out into our social world.

Love, love, love our son- rise journey through autism!