Love and acceptance

I think I have finally matured. If Bears asked me yesterday, I would still resist and say, “No! I will keep climbing until my son recovers from autism.”

Today, I can honestly say :

Nathan, I love and accept you for who you are.

I love that you follow me around the house just to be by my side. But even in the moments when I can’t reach you, I love you .

I love how you smile and laugh when your eyes catch my glance. But even when you don’t seem to notice me, I love you.

I love that you can sustain a second round of questions. But even if you can’t answer correctly at times, I love you.

I love our physical contact games like tickles and piggy-back rides. But even if we can’t play appropriately with toys because you mouth them, I love you.

I love that you’re becoming more persistent and wanting to be heard. But even if at times you don’t seem to hear me, I love you.

I love it when we connect. But even during the times that you are lost in your isms, I love you.

I love your smiles and laughter. But even during your tantrums, I love you.

Son-rise moms and dads know what I’m talking about.

To the other folks…This is where miracles begin…Count your blessings and so much more will come.