Going beyond limits

Many friends and colleagues would attest to what a lousy writer I have always been.

I have heard comments like:
“We like reading your letters [with spelling and grammar mistakes], they’re funny.” – at age 11.
“You write like Chris, I can’t understand what you’re trying to say.” – of course my colleague was offended to be compared to me.
“Can Mels do the write-up?” – in other words, “Chris, please don’t be the one to write this article.” 🙂
“What happened to your English?” – after writing a long update e-mail to my friend.
“You’re writing so much better now.” – Says my sister as she monitors my blog. In other words, “It was bad before.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I have some mild form of dyslexia or something. I mean no amount of proof reading will get rid of typo, spelling or grammar mistakes. Can you spot them in this post? Thank goodness for spell check!

It’s interesting though, how I’m so inspired by our Son-Rise journey. My self-assessed-handicap will not stand in the way of telling the world about how amazing son-rise is. Inspiration really goes a long way. Not even in my wildest dream, could I imagine being told, “You should write a book” or “Beautiful and poetic!” But I have. Thanks Mhyles and Ate.

It’s the same thing for kids with autism. Yes, they may have a handicap, but there is always a way of finding the motivation and using it to help them GO BEYOND THEIR LIMITS.

Loving our son-rise journey!

To Ruby, my best friend, I wrote the most letters to you (and there was no spell check back then). Not once did you pick on my writing. Love you Ruby!