Game ideas

Pick a toy and identify simply games you can play using it.

The cabinet:
1. When Nathan says he wants to go inside. Role play that you are climbing a mountain. Start with offering your hand to step on…oops that doesn’t work. Then ask Nathan if he wants a chair (or table) to step on. If he does not respond go ahead and get one. If he does and still has his green lights on, invite him to help you pull the chair. Back to role playing, climb the mountain cheering with every effort made, “Nathan is climbing *UP* woohoo!” Give a big cheer when he gets to the top and waive his conquering flag-the wedding gown!

2. Once on top, play hide-n-seek. Close he door and say, “Nathan, where are you?” As you find him, “there you are *IN* the cabinet!” Close the door again and do variations. “Oh no, Nathan is missing…I wonder if he’s *IN* the cabinet?” …..”I found you!”
Another variation, open the door which he is not behind and pretend you still cannot find him.
Next variation, turn your hand into a searching snake, open the door slightly so snake can peek in, maybe snake can even take a closer look and tickle Nathan while at it.

3. Play peek-a-boo.
Close the door and quickly get your props: wig, glasses, scarfs, swimming cap, etc.
Put on an item and knock on the door. Give clues about who’s knocking on the door and change voices ever time you change identifies. Like put on the swimming cap, pinch your nose then say, “Hey, there’s a penguin *OUT SIDE* Knock, knock, penguin wants to come *IN*…open the door please.” As he (or you, if he does not respond) opens the door, do a peek-a-boo gesture. Remember to watch his reaction and adjust your peek-a-boo celebration if Nathan thinks its too loud or too fast and surprising.