Party time…or not

After Nathan’s shower, I turned off the water.
Me: Nathan let’s go.
Nathan: to ride a taxi.
Me: Where are we going?
Nathan: to a party.

First of all that is clearly a spontaneous 2-loop conversation! Secondly, I didn’t realize how much information he as been absorbing. Amor is off to a special-needs & neurotypical play date, Ian is going to his classmates party later this afternoon and Nathan feels he’s going too.

Unfortunately, we have decided it’s too early for Nathan to be going out to extremely sensory-overloading environments. But one day, when he has progressed, he will. It is precisely because he is home in a distraction-free, nurturing environment that he will one day be able to go out and enjoy neurotypical parties without sensory issues.

Son-rise is like growing seedlings in a protected nursery. When they are sturdy enough to withstand the heat of the day, coldness if the night, dryness or excess wetness of the weather…people staring, over-stimulating lights and sounds, noisy crowds, fear of not knowing what will happen next, the pressure of waiting in line, etc…. Then the seedlings can be planted in open fields and Son-Rise kids and their families will enjoying life the way it should be!