Heal the gut, heal autism

This is old news for old timers-parents of children with autism, but I am only starting to appreciate the gut-brain connection and wonder why it’s not as mainstream as it should be…at least where I am from. Why was it never recommended by several neurologists, from several hospitals of the several countries (ok, only 3) that my twins have been going to since birth?

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride was a neurologist who had a child with severe autism. She couldn’t find answers in her field so she took another degree in nutrition.

There she found her answers. A lot can be done for children with autism. Heal the gut, heal autism. She coined the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS). Kids with autism cannot process their food properly because of bad bacteria, yeast, viruses and parasites that overpopulate the good bacteria that should be protecting the digestive system. She developed the GAPS diet that starves out pathogens and replenishes the much needed good bacteria in the gut. Her son fully recovered from autism.

Medical fields are so caught up on pharmaceutical research and never provide safer alternatives for desperate parents. I was told nothing can be done about autism, if he gets more violent we have to consider psychotic meds, anti-seizure meds that harm the liver and kidney were recommended (and we agreed) – these meds only address symptoms and not the cause of autism.

If a doctor’s job was to heal and not just cover-up symptoms, why not recommend diets and attack the root cause?

Well, even if I didn’t get this information early, I am thankful for the network of friends who lead me here and technology which puts information at the tip of my fingers.

This post is for “new” parents of kids with autism. A lot can be done for our kids….heal the gut, heal autism!