Prioritize relationship over function

Dear Volunteers,
For this month I did not target Nathan asking or answering questions because I didn’t see a current motivation that can be used to propel learning.

However, progress is fast 😉
I’ve noticed Nathan’s new ism is asking and answering:
– What did Ate Juliet Say?
– Edna Mode (the character from Mr. Incredible)

If he does say this in your session, please use it as an opportunity to practice asking and answering questions.

So first, forget that Nathan’s words don’t seem to have purpose or function (for you), and join him. I’m sure if you echo what he says, he will laugh. So build the relationship first and keep joining this verbal ism of his and enjoy his laughter.

Then try slight alterations. First you ask and he answers. Then try waiting for him to ask and you answer. Keep switching and see which he prefers.

Then try a bigger alteration. Ask something like:
“What did (your name) say?”
“Edna mode”

If he does not respond or look irritated, go back to the original lines. Build relationship again, get him to laugh again by simply joining.

Then challenge again. Wait for him to think about wether he will accept the alteration or not.

Also try changing the answer like:
“What did Ate Juliet say?”
“Eat na mode” (or anything that rhymes or has the same number of syllables or just anything different).

Good luck!