Dealing with Echolalia

When Tita Aldhel Adique was looking for a book and when she dropped a book, Nathan said, “It’s ok.” We were both wondering if this was intentional speech or echolalia (or somewhere between intentional speech and echolalia)

My recommendations: Next time you hear Nathan say something accurately, reward him. Reward even if you’re not sure if it’s intentional speech or not. Actually reward him ESPECIALLY WHEN you think it’s echolalia but is coincidentally used accurately. Example say (and feel):

“‘It’s ok’ , thank you, that makes me feel better!” Or

“…thank you so kind of you!” Or whatever comes naturally or authentically for you.

Nathan has always had language processing issues. Echolalia is a tool kids with autism use to acquire new words. Sooner or later, echolalia always helps Nathan learn to use new words properly. We can make the process of learning faster by highlighting/celebrating/rewarding the times when he uses words (or expressions) appropriately.

I hope this is helpful.