Speak my language first then I will speak yours

Yesterday friends came over to play. Nathan loved this little girl and wanted to make conversation. He told her, “La Hatch!” (Thats one of his favorite verbal isms) And waited for her to respond….he tried again, no response….and again. Then he said, “Jalea (that’s her name), say ‘La Hatcha’ please.” Since she still would not respond, Nathan approached her, put his fingers and try to pry her mouth open to say “La Hatcha”

These are the moments when Nathan verbalizes that son-rise is really what he needs to acquire social skills. He loves it when we JOIN him in his “autism world” using his “autism language.” That opens the gate of relationship building and that’s when we invite him out to our world of socialization and verbal communication. He’s certainly beginning to love socializing with even non-son-rise friends!

Previously he would either ignore kids. Or if they are cute, approach and squeeze them, making them cry! This time he’s trying to make conversation! Be it with language but still a language to begin with!