Meeting amazing people at Son-Rise New Frontiers

Kristyn is an amazing son-rise volunteer! At the seminar, she was asked to introduce herself. She told us how she loved working with a child with autism and the excitement she felt after the child asked, “Do you wanna play with me?” She talked with so much enthusiasm and compassion. All of the Son-Rise parents in the room just wanted take Kristen home for their children. So did I 🙂

There is so much more to Kristyn’s story. As a child she felt she had sensory issues. She remembers moments when she felt a fog in her brain, which hindered her from learning. She had symptoms of autism spectrum but was never officially diagnosed. Her parents did not know about Son-Rise then, but had the intuition to know what to do. They were patient with her despite her tantrums. They never forced her to learn but encouraged her. She wasn’t proficient in reading until the age of 12. Kristyn continues to be home schooled. She says she has been blessed with her parents. She certainly has. And the universe has been blessed with her.

Kristyn said she once felt the voice of God telling her she was chosen to do great things. I believe she already has! This amazing young lady had achieved so much at such a young age. And now she is doing so much more and helping another child with autism to love, be happy and build relationships. And she’s only 18, she will achieve so much more in her lifetime!