Adopting a Child with Autism

Tammy is another amazing lady I met during my Son-Rise Program New Frontiers training. Tammy and her husband decided they wanted to adopt not just any child, they wanted to be blessed with a child with autism!

So about a year ago, Ja’Quan found the spot in their hearts. He had moved from one foster home to another before Tammy found him. He is now 7 years. Ja’Quan has gone from 35 words, when Tammy first met him, to now over 500 words. He was toilet trained only after Tammy adopted him. More importantly, he connects with his family and friends with the most amazing games they play.

Tammy is also in the process of adopting a second child, Ja’Quan’s biological brother. I am fascinated by how much love and happiness this family can give.

Tammy and husband once worked for the Autism Treatment Center of America, home of the Son-Rise Program. That experience changed their lives and thus their decision to adopt.