Nathan’s Autism Recovery

My Facebook page is called: Nathan’s Autism Recovery.

Why dare call it “Autism Recovery”?

I was going to hold-off the word “recovery” until it actually happened, but where’s the conviction there? I know recovery will happen no matter how many trials I know we will continue to encounter, no matter how long it will take, no matter how imperfect our son-rise program is and not matter how limited our resources are.

In fact, why talk about a destination? Recovery is already happening now during our journey.

I remember when autism was unraveling. I cried everyday and forced myself to get up to live another day only to find myself crying again and again. The thing I mostly worried about was Nathan’s future. Who would take care of him after both my husband and I pass away?

Recovery started when I found the Son-Rise Program. There is healing when I learn to love every single behavior of my son without judging it as bad. There is healing when we invite volunteers and see that society can learn to love our son for who he is now. There is healing when we discover that there are other amazing ways of learning. There is healing when we create networks with other son-rise parents and discover other biomedical interventions to help the body heal.

You might ask: What if recovery, the destination, does not come?
…then we keep going…recovery the journey.