Joining to the max

If Nathan is really in an ism mode, can you imagine yourself joining for almost the whole hour? Can you imagine joining for months?

I am reminded of a son-rise story when all the volunteers did daily was run round their room with the child…for 8 months. I imagine some must have thought, “Are we getting anywhere?” Or “Will he really improve if we simply keep running with him and not teach him anything?”

After the 8th month, the body, who did not have speech in the beginning, started talking. Soon he pulled string of words together and even sooner he constructed sentences independently and spontaneously.

So the answer is “yes, when you invest time joining, the child becomes confident of your love and acceptance and will progress much faster.”

As I write this I can hear Tita Kitch becoming more and more comfortable joining and Nathan starting to ask her for things 🙂