Being fascinated with what your child has to offer

Son-rise teacher,Gerd, advised, “Give full control except for 2 things: (1) the son-rise playroom door, which should only open at the end of the session, and (2) if child’s or facilitator’s safety/well-being is at risk.”

So I have been asking volunteers to keep Nathan in and despite his wanting out in the middle of the session. We used to give him control of the door and invite him back in…oops 🙂

Today, Nathan wanted to exit the playroom early. I was so amazed how how persistent Nathan was. In so many ways he was trying to explain:
I want to go out.
I want to go out PLEASE.
(Volunteer’s name), open the door please.
I want to open the door.

I had to go in for a minute to explain that he will keep playing with his volunteer until time is up. He didn’t complain at all and session continued.

I love Nathan’s persistence. He was trying his very best to make his volunteer understand what he wanted as he kept reaching for his goal! He has demonstrated his persistence several times throughout his son-rise journey. I know that persistence is a tool he will use…or already uses…to become successful in life!

Today, as I “flex” my “fascination muscles,” I recall the days before Son-Rise, when Nathan was so passive, he never even tried to be heard. He never tried to voice what he wanted and simply cried when he couldn’t communicate his needs. My little boy is amazing!