How he regressed deep into autism

This was Nathan at age 2 1/2. He could sing whole songs and hold and strum a guitar. His developmental neurologist, at this age, said that he has cerebral palsy (difficulty controlling his legs) but told us not to worry about social skills. He had impressive eye contact and speech.

Slowly Nathan lost words of his nursery rhymes and started humming. A year after this video, Nathan lost all the words. Only humming was left. Nathan lost his interactive attention. He lost his eye-contact. He was not even able to answer simple questions like “What is your name?” Nathan would put everything in his mouth, including his favorite guitar. He lost the ability to play with toys appropriately. Even the guitar would end up in his mouth. He became easily agitated. At age 4 he was given the autism diagnosis.

This is his video at age 6. Without intervention, Nathan can keep regressing into autism.

What happened between age 2 to age 4?

When parents say that their kids with autism were injured by vaccines, they know what they are saying. When Nathan was 2 1/2, we returned to the Philippines for physical therapy. Unfortunately that period was accompanied by aggressive vaccination out of fear that he could easily catch a bug and get sick. Ultimately it was my decision and I was so wrong!

Our family is fine. We are blessed to have found son-rise, deepen our love and acceptance for Nathan, embrace his autism and choose to be happy with our circumstances.

But future generations could be saved! I want parents to know that if your kids are healthy, they will probably be fine…they will be one of the 49 out of 50 kids unaffected by vaccines.

But today, 1 out of every 50 children are in the autism spectrum. And the number is growing. There is reason to study if your child is at risk or if the vaccine is relevant at all.