“Healing” autism

When Nathan was about 3, I asked his Developmental Neurologist why he never sweats. She answered, “It’s normal.”

When Nathan was 4 and regressed further into autism, I asked a well known autism doctor if Nathan’s constipation had anything to do with his autism. The doctor said, “No.”

As I expected, my instincts were right. Now that I learned more from research and encountering many parents “healing” their kids with autism, I have learned that sweat is an important detox route. I have learned that 70% of health is on the gut. Chronic constipation is a sign of a very sick body.

Doctors, who were supposed to be helping me through life with a child with autism, couldn’t give me answers. It took parents to figure it out.

Today with many biomedical interventions, I’m finally noticing sweat beads on Nathan’s head. We’re opening a detox pathway! This is so important for a child who’s body is heavily loaded with toxins that he cannot handle.

Today, we’re finally healing Nathan’s gut, which has been compromised with constant constipation from age 3 to age 7, because I wasn’t getting expert advice back then. Constipation became chronic and worse as he got older. A big difference from his good bowels as a baby and toddler.

As Nathan’s body is healing, we’re seeing him slowing come out of his autism shell.

I’m blessed to have met so many parents on their journeys healing their kids with autism and lighting the path for us new parents.