Beginning to understand seizures

The bad news: After weaning off from anti-epilepsy medication with no seizures for half a year, Amor had a seizure last week.

The good news: As I move away from conventional medicine towards alternative medicine, I am beginning to understand that something’s trigger seizures and things can be done to heal the body and heal seizures.

Anti-seizure medicines only take away seizure symptoms but the source, the brain injury, is still there. Nothing can be done but wait for the injury to heal — That’s the information provided by a really good epileptologist, whom we used to see to monitor Amor’s seizure and medication.

Moving on to the path of alternative medicine: After overburden of Amor’s liver from anti-epilepsy and primary complex medications for about 3 years. We were ready to start detoxing the organ responsible for detoxing her body.

(I strongly believe the primary complex medicine, Isoniazid, caused Amor’s seizures to begin with. Drug description says: caused convulsions yet several doctors told me to ignore what it said and keep going, adding anti-convulsion meds to cover up seizures).

As we began to detox Amor’s liver, unfortunately….or fortunately, we triggered another seizure. I was lucky that the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) mother, is well versed with detoxing and immediately identified that Amor must be deficient in an amino acid necessary to complete the detox cycle. Supplementing stopped the seizure immediately and she has not had another seizure since last week. Now more tests will be done to check Amor’s mineral, vitamin, amino acid, etc. deficiencies before even trying to detox her overburdened liver again.

Her seizures were not due to brain injury. The wrong organ was targeted by conventional doctors. How can healing begin if they are looking at the wrong place?

Alternative medicine is helping me see more clearly that healing the body can heal seizures. In Amor’s case, I have always suspected liver problems from the medications she had at NICU, jaundice, her early vaccinations, primary complex meds and anti-seizure meds. To add insult to injury, all the medications Amor took for years simply added burden to her liver, which could have been the very source of her seizures.

Please pray that we continue taking he right path, finding the right answers until Amor reaches complete health.