Nathan chooses to connect

I was out in the morning/noon taking Ian to his classmate’s birthday party. When there’s not enough attention given to Nathan, he still will choose to do things alone or even stim all day. However, when I got home, Nathan had already requested Papa to play with him in his Son-Rise play room. After their session, Nathan requested Papa to get his guitar and play some specific songs for him. Then he followed Papa to the room, just to lay beside him as Papa was having a chat with me. Throughout the day he’s been asking Papa for probiotics, water, play his music, food, etc. Awesome day! It’s so amazing how he chose to connect to Papa all day!

When Nathan regressed and got the autism diagnosis at age 4, he became oblivious to Papa, especially after the year we spent as split-family just so the twins could get better access to all sorts of therapy in English (physical therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, aqua therapy, special education, speech therapy). For someone with classic autism, like Nathan, those therapies just didn’t help as much and, yes, my twins had amazing therapists… Nathan was just too autistic to want to engage.

It was only after we found the son-rise program that Nathan began to connect Papa or anyone else. Son-Rise really rocks!