Importance of stims

Nathan is more expressive so I can better understand Son-Rise principles like the importance of isms (exclusive, repetitive, autistic behaviors).

Last week, he said he wanted to touch the yellow house (meaning the yellow wall portion of the building). I followed him to the yellow wall and realized that portion had a rough surface which he wanted to tap (ism with). White surfaces were smooth.

Nathan’s cerebral palsy indicates that he has very weak brain to nerve connections. It must feel the same way when we sleep on our wrong side, wake-up with a dead arm then try to shake it off to feel our arm again…that’s isming of a non-autistic person. But in Nathan’s case, he always has a “dead arm” feeling in his peripherals so his way to dealing with it is by flappy and tapping objects. It’s smart of him to know what works better to wake up his nerves: tapping on a rough surface!

He’s going to be flapping and tapping for a while. I don’t mind because I know he’s simply helping his body heal faster! And yes, we do diet and biomedical options too to synergistically heal his body.