Sharing Son-Rise

My son was born with a brain injury (cerebral palsy), doctors said he might not walk. Later on he got the autism diagnosis. No amount of therapy (PT, OT, SPED, speech, music, aqua therapy, sensory therapy and ABA) would get him to follow instructions independently, look at me, or even recognize that his name was called. His twin sister has Global Developmental Delay. She is far behind her peers in terms of social-emotional development, speech and motor skills. Later on she developed myoclonic epilepsy. By the time our 3rd child arrived, I was worried how was I going to nurture him when his older siblings needed me to chaperone them to and from therapy…for maybe the rest of their lives?

My life could have been very very difficult.

But The Son-Rise ProgramĀ® turned everything around.

My son with autism now has strong eye-contact, responds to name, has intentional speech, is very spontaneous and persistent…the list will get longer.
My daughter is such a fighter, even if it takes her a million tries, she can achieve whatever she sets her mind on doing.
My youngest Neurotypical is doing amazing in school, both socially and academically.

No matter what the outcome will be, I know my kids will be ok. I know will be a community around that them will be there to love and accept them for who they are. Son-Rise is already helping me build that community.

If life was this good to you, wouldn’t you share it? Of course! Here’s a bunch of Son-Rise families in Singapore ready to shout out, “There is so much hope!”