Amazing social gains

Amazing how Son-Rise has helped Amor strengthen her social skills. In public places like the bus and MRT, she used to just talk to anyone. Like, “What’s your name?” Or “I want to borrow your shoes!” I was always ready to manage the results of her randomly talking to strangers. At times they were friendly and understanding. Many times I had to comfort Amor and explain if people don’t want to talk to her (or even give her a bad stare), it’s ok, we can talk to friendly people.

We recently got on a train. This time, Its nice that Amor verbalized her thoughts so I could see how socially advanced she has gotten. She now knows who is friendly to talk to and who is not. She as looking at a lady holding her phone. Amor said to herself, “I don’t want to talk to her.” I responded, “Its ok if you want to.” Amor looked at the lady again, who was still sending messages on her phone. Amor confirmed her decision, “No, I don’t want to.”

How her social skills are improving. We simply have amazing son-rise volunteers coming over every weekend to play with her using Son-Rise principles. She knows the richness of relationships from the richness of the interaction they offer her. She’s starting to distinguish that rich relationship from simply seeing casual people in public.

Conventional therapy might otherwise just present situations in a box and ask kids with special needs to pick the desired response, from the box again. That would never have been able to teach Amor to distinguish between friendly people to choose to converse with or even choose not to go up to people randomly.

Blessed to have Son-Rise!!!

In the photo is Amor and her Amazing Papa who leads her “Weekend” Son-Rise Program. Many thanks to her amazing volunteers, past and present!