Super fun conversation!

I had the most amazing “conversation” with Nathan!
Currently Nathan can clearly express all his wants and needs spontaneously and persistently. But he could never hold a conversation. I would have to rely on his teacher’s notes to find out how he did at school. He was responsive tonight so I tried fishing for some clues about school.

If you notice the conversation was supportive, sometimes even echolalic. I made sure that he was not threatened to look for answers. It was more important to me that Nathan stayed engaged and interested to talk to me. I made him enjoy the conversation as much as I LOVED LOVED LOVED that he was trying his very best to keep talking to me and answering my questions appropriately. I kept giving him clues and making it easy and fun to answer my questions, versus asking open-ended questions on interrogation-mode.

Me: Did you see Ms. Eden today?
Nathan: I saw Ms. Eden.
Me: What did Ms. Eden say?
Nathan: Ah
Did you see Mr. Sherwin today?
Nathan: I saw Mr. Sherwin.
Me: What did Mr. Sherwin say?
Nathan: thank you
Me: Did you see Ms. Ambie today?
Nathan: I saw Ms. Ambie today.
Me: What did Ms. Ambie say?
Nathan: (made a funny expression)
Me: Did you see Ms. Denden today?
Nathan: I saw Ms. Denden today.
Me: What did Ms. Denden say?
Nathan: (another funny sound)
Me: Do you think Ms. Denden is pretty (knowing Nathan has a crush on her)
Nathan: I think Ms. Denden is pretty.

Me: Did you go to UWC today?
Nathan: I go WC today.
Me: Did you go to the playground?
Nathan: I had fun going to the playground (now that was spontaneous!)

Me: Hey Nathan, do you have fun with you son-rise volunteers?
Nathan: I have fun with son-rise.
Me: Do you like Nadiah?
Nathan: I like Nadiah
Me: Do you have fun with Jannah?
Nathan: I have fun with Jannah.
Me: Do you like Azizah?
Nathan: I like Azizah.
Me: Do you want me to call her Zulk or Azizah?
Nathan: Azizah.

I believe Nathan could have stayed with me in that conversation. I was the one who ran out of questions.

What an awesome boy!

Praise God for every amazing stride in this journey!