The well of strength

Nathan’s health deteriorated as he regressed into autism. One concrete example was he became more and more constipated after age 3 while he was pooping daily as a toddler.

Constipation and built-up of wastes in his body was adding to the burden of autism. Amazing resources from autism parents helped me understand importance of digestive health and daily flushing. We’ve done a lot just to keep Nathan pooping regularly: probiotics, high fiber, drinking lots of water, prune juice, aloe vera juice, juicing vegetables, diet changes, suppositories, enemas, etc. but without interventions, Nathan will poop every 3, even up to 5 days.

I was thinking of completely restructuring Nathan’s diet and considering the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) or Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet. I haven’t started changing his diet yet, but instead I’ve tried something different….

I’m in a chapter in my life where I’ve been feeling God’s presence more and His want for me to reach out to Him. I’ve been spending much time thinking is His blessings and asking for His Restoration of my children’s health. Amazingly, in the last few day, Nathan has been pooping independently! I haven’t even done any major changes in diet or any other intervention. I know God has done this to demonstrate the strength of faith and surrender to Him.

This is such a great chapter in my journey. I don’t have to keep drawing strength from myself. God is happy to carry my burden. What a blessing to know His love for me.