The amazing thing about the son-rise program, is not what it will do for my twins tomorrow…it’s what’s it’s doing for me, the parent, today.
I have stopped seeing the deficits of my twins. I have stopped guessing about how dim their future might be because they cannot do many skills. I see their beauty. As I focus on that, they grow like mustard seeds. They’ve got unique skills, even social skills, the the world will want one day 😉
I’ve stopped torturing myself for the wrong medical practices I chose for my kids. Instead I optimistically look ahead and see a vast array of options to help undo vaccine and antibiotic injury.

Knowing that it was only a matter of conquering my fears, I’ve stopped “asking” other family members or friends to provide comfort me. Instead, I have tried to best-guess what others might feel, what are the “fears”, and how might I provide comfort for them….or just stay of their lives if they don’t need me anyways 😏

Indeed everything that’s has happened to my life, happened for a reason.  

Today, life is giving me it’s best!