From challenges to strengths

You wouldn’t be able to know, from the way Amor sings with such beautiful melody, that as a toddler, she had a terrible hearing sensitivity. Electronic sounds made her scream and run to safety. Even sounds from an electric toothbrush caused heightened fear. With hearing issues, she couldn’t catch the melody of nursery rhymes and sing them.

You wouldn’t be able to tell, from how clearly Amor sings the lyrics (well, for most of the song), that she had a speech delay. For a long time “aweee” was her preferred word and she only uttered her first 2-word sentence when she was about 2 1/2years old.

You wouldn’t be able to tell, from how she glances to read the lyrics, that Amor has symptoms of dyslexia and only started to show interest in reading when she was about 7 years old.

Praise God for healing!

Praise God for a super supportive Papa. Amor has made leaps and bounds since you have dedicated your weekends running her Son-Rise Program!