Don’t you think there are just days when you can hear God talking to you?

2015 was the year when I strengthened my faith and learned to surrender everything I cannot do to God!

This morning, while I was doing my prayers and reflections, a young man asked if he could share the poolside table. As he sat, stretched and looked around, I felt his discomfort so I gave him a big smile to reassure him that he was most welcome to join me.

We looked at each other’s books, he was holding a bible and I was holding Joseph Prince’s “Destined to Reign devotional.” We exchanged notes on who our favourite biblical characters/lessons were. He was well versed with the bible and very smart.

I asked him about his life. He was about to enter Sg Polytechnic in a field related to Energy and a career path towards Environmental Science. Talk about coincidence, that was my career before motherhood.

Before we parted he asked me if I had a prayer request and he would help me pray for it.  

I told him about Nathan and my deepest wants. That’s when he shared his personal story.

He had autism. He was a problem student in grade school, who couldn’t sit still and couldn’t learn in class. “What happened? What did your parents do?” I asked. “They prayed faithfully.” He answered and reassured me the power of faith and prayers as he prayed for Nathan.

What a blessing that Ryan decided to sit next to me this morning.

Today, I know that God spoke to me. 

Keep the faith!

In the photo is me and Ryan, my new found friend.