Son-Rise for typical kids

Ian is my 3rd child, he does not have special needs. However, everything I learned in The Son-Rise Program(r) to help children with Autism gain social skills, build relationships and be confident in life, I have applied to Ian.
As a result, Ian is not only a loving friend, a great comedian, a popular child (according to his teacher), Ian also excels academically.
When Ian was born, Nathan wasn’t walking yet and Amor was not talking yet. I feared that the twins would need so much of my time as a Mommy-Therapist and I might not be able to help Ian reach his potentials. I later found Son-Rise which made parenting so fun and easy with such amazing results. In the end there was nothing to fear and everything to be grateful for.
Ian woke me up this morning saying “Mama, I forgot to tell you, I got an award yesterday.” See photo. His award was not specific to one subject but excellence in all the work that he does!
Praise God for laying down the road ahead of us.