Pro and anti-vacs can agreeĀ 

Parents who want vaccinate their kids and those who choose not to vaccine, really have just one thing in common: to protect our children from sickness.
Instead of arguing our differences, we can draft up our common goals and action plan, and in the end we can still decide which road we want to take.
Maybe we can agree in some of these?
1. Boost your baby’s immune system by breastfeeding. Our digestive system is lined with a balance of “good” and “bad” microbes that are responsible for protecting the lining, digesting food, making vitamins and minerals bioavailable, protecting our health, nourishing body and brain, etc. Breastfeeding baby 100% in the beginning ensures that the “good” microbes take charge and won’t easily be offset by the “bad” microbes or diseases that can overpower the “good” microbes. Formula milk, especially with the way milk is mass manufactured today, encourages more “bad” microbes.
2. Use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. Some Doctors are quick to call in antibiotics for simple ear infections without looking for natural remedies like use of probiotics instead or simply waiting out for the child’s immune system to fight it. As a result, all the microbes “good” and “bad” are eradicated from the digestive track. With equal footing on an empty slate, the stronger “bad” microbes in a sick child can easily overpopulate the “good” microbes.
3. Nourish the child and nourish his health. We can’t be say we want our children to be healthy and protected from diseases and feed our kids sugars, preservatives and artificial food colouring. Even baby cereals has sugars to make sure baby keeps wanting and Mommy keeps buying. Eat food that look like they can from the ground or farms and not food that look like they grow in boxes, cans and factories.
4. Pick the healthy options: run and sweat, vitamin D from the sun and fresh air at the playground, instead of coached in front of the TV or iPad.
The nice thing about picking healthy options is that it boosts the child’s immune system again ALL diseases.
Each parent is free to pick and choose to vaccinate of course. But one vaccination “prevents” only one disease. So big Pharma keep pushing for more vaccines to cover all possible diseases. And since you’re injecting one disease after another, hoping your child will fight against it, at one point, you can over do it an just make your child’s immune system collapse.
It happened to me. I brought my kids to their pedia every month, without fail, taking all the vaccines they recommended. Until my smart boy, spelling genius and singing nursery rhymes before age 2, regressed so deep into autism that he lost all his words and his singing became word-less chants.
It took this autism journey for me to realise how to make my kids healthy. Hopefully new moms discover the true secrets of health early without compromising the health of their kids.