April 9, 2016 Parent-Sharing in Singapore

So you all know that Amor is now very conversational and inquisitive, when she was hardly speaking at age 3. Nathan has good eye-contact, craves to play with me, and can spontaneously and persistently express his desires when he was completely withdrawn and unresponsive, even to his name, at age 5.

The truth is, our story has been replicated so many times. It’s just that I am one of the few who blogs about it. But here’s an event where you can find out from many Son-RiseĀ® families how truly amazing this journey with autism can be.

Join our FREE Parent-Sharing this April 9 and listen to so many other Son-Rise parents the extra ordinary journey they are going through! Register at:


Happy Autism Awareness Month

Parent sharing 2016-3-9