Just another one more #AutismRecovery is worth it!

Bears Kaufman told the class that after he and Samarhia witnessed Raun’s #AutismRecovery, through the very first Son-Rise ProgramĀ®, they decided to help other parents with children with autism. They told each other that if in the next 100 years of their life, all they helped was another child recover from Autism, then their life would have been worth it.
I was in tears thinking, I have been so blessed that they walked the path ahead of us. Their teachings have taken me from a path of depression to continuous hope. Before Son-Rise, Nathan was on his way to becoming a violent child unable to communicate. Back then, I feared and 

envisioned a teenage Nathan, bigger, stronger, more aggressive and I would become the more weak and frustrated Mother who would always be in danger’s way trying to manage his tantrums. But we made an important shift and walked away from that path, now on the road to recovery. Nathan is now the sweetest child, who uses words not tantrums to communicate his needs. Amor is fast catching-up socially and pealing off her irritability.

Bears and Samarhia did not help just one other child. They have helped and continue to help thousands and thousands of children in the autism spectrum around the world!
As Bears shared his humble ambitions, I turned to pick-up tissue to wipe my tears and saw Sam, an amazing Son-Rise Mom, get her own tissues to wipe her tears. 

In the photo: Blessed to be Bears, taking the “Power Dialogue” class at the Option Institute, home of the Son-Rise ProgramĀ®