Motor regression. Can it be reversed?

Nathan’s regression into Autism began after age 2 1/2. Along with cognitive regression (loss of attention, speech and ability to sing, excessive mouthing of objects, etc) were physical/motor regression (lost of ability to play with a guitar and doodle with a pen, healthy daily bowels became chronic constipation, etc).
While Son-Rise has helped tremendously with social skills, I was hoping for more on the physical front. Yes, Nathan has cerebral palsy (inability to move his lower limbs) but there must be answers to his physical/motor regression. Thankfully, I’m noticing that homeopathy, which we have started fairly recently, has been helping with motor/cognitive skills.

Since his regression, Nathan has refused to pick up a pencil or any tools. All toys went straight into his mouth until he was about 6 years old: But before his regression, at age 2 1/2, Nathan was able to doodle and fill a page with colors.

Today, in his Son-Rise Playroom, I decided to go for the felt pens, even if he has rejected it so many times in the past. To my surprise, he was willing to fill a page with colors again and even smiled as I sang while he doodled.

Praise God for the gift of healing!

In the photo: tried my best to capture him and his masterpiece!