Best way to change the world

Some parents have been asking me about Son-RiseĀ®: what they can do to help their child, and in particular what they can change in themselves to help their irritable child. When questions start to gear towards “how can I change myself?” I can’t help but smile and congratulate them! They don’t even know it, but they are great Son-Rise parents already! 
The truth is, in this autism journey, it is ME who has benefited the most!

The best way to help my withdrawn Nathan to learn and love social interaction, is for me to learn and love to socialise with him first.

The best way to help my sensory-irritable Amor to become more relaxed and flexible, is for me to model my comfort, even while she’s overwhelmed with sensory issues, even while she throws tantrums at me and even while she pushes my buttons. 

The best way to help my amazing Ian be excited about growth and learning is for me to be celebratory of all his achievements, big or small. 

The best way to ask my hubby to understand me, is to put myself into his shoes first to understand his needs so that we can decipher how we can come to an agreement and mend our differences.

While all the changes started within, profound changes have blessed me!

Be blessed with the gift of being able to change the world, by changing self first! 

In the photo (left to right): Amor, Papa Gil, Ian, Nathan and Me!