Appreciating the Appreciation

Son-Rise® teaches us to appreciate all the good things our children do and give them big 🎉celebrations 🎉 when they do. That is, instead of wait for them it do unwanted/attention-grabbing behaviours, and reprimanding them for it.
Since Amor had lots of sensory issues as a child, she looked very irritable, seemed stubborn and had major challenges transitioning. After Son-Rise, I learned to appreciate every time she followed me or even just attempted to despite her sensory issues, and I anticipated that she would. Before Son-Rise I resorted to reprimanding her after she ran away from me, or screamed “no! I’m staying here!” or lay on the floor to tantrum and resist going home. Believe me, it only made things worse! Amor is an I-will-not-do-anything-you-tell-me kinda child 😅. Reprimanding never works for that kind of child. 

This simple Son-Rise technique of appreciation has worked wonders for us. In fact, it’s blessing us abundantly these days. Our conservations are like this now a days:

Me: Amor, you were so good today, thank you for helping me finish all my errands and holding my hands when I invited you to go home.

Amor: thank you Mommy for appreciating me. I like having a date with you.

Me (while my heart melts): thank you Amor for telling me that you appreciate it 😄😄😄.

Bringing Amor out used to be a headache. These days, I’m excited about dates adventures we can now have together! 

Our special needs kids really want to be told that they are doing a great job, but sometimes they simply can’t because of over-powering sensory issues. I’m so blessed that Son-Rise® helped me understand this.

Appreciation has not only helped Amor get the attention she needed, but has dramatically helped her overcome all her sensory challenges! 

We are blessed by the gift of healing!

In the photo: me and my good girl Amor at one of our outings.