My twins are so opposite

Nathan found himself in the deep end of the pool. Before reaching him, I watched from a safe distance, modelling for him to breath once he got his head up the water. He took a breath before he sank, touched the ground then kicked to get his head up for his next breath. He looked relatively relaxed so I watched him repeat the sinking and breathing three times before offering help. That gave me assurance that he can some how help himself if he finds himself in the deep end of the pool when I’m not watching.
After seeing how relaxed Nathan was, I invited Amor to see her response in the deep end. She is generally confident in swimming…so long as she knows her feet can touch the floor. But she panicked at the deep end insisted to hang on to her kick board and that I pull her back to the shallow end.

Nathan was born with Cerebral Palsy and hypotonic muscles. Even in life’s instances he is low tone and generally relaxed…sometimes more like oblivious 😄. Amor was born with spastic/hypertonic muscles, even small sensory inputs results to large and rigid muscle movements. In life, she always has big, exaggerated responses.  

Thankfully we have been doing Son-Rise® , which has dramatically helped Amor with her sensory issues, rigid personality and to become more relaxed. On the opposite end, Son-Rise has also helped Nathan be more in tune and responsive to his environment and the people around him. 

Not the best photo but here are my twins happy to be swimming in the weekend!