My Neurotypical Son, Ian

What does the success of my neurotypical son, Ian, have to do with the recovery journey of my twins? 

When I was pregnant with Ian, Nathan was still not walking and I was prepared for life-long therapy. I was prepared to dump my profession and take up a new profession as therapist of my twins. But I though, poor baby Ian would have to fend for himself. I knew Nathan would need so much more of my time than Ian. I thought I wouldn’t be able to help Ian grow to his full potential. He would have to settle and be an average kid in school….and so I thought.

Thankfully, along the way, we found Son-RiseĀ® that helped us not only effectively help Nathan and Amor to continue stepping out of autism/GDD. Through Son-Rise we found the most effective ways of motivating our children to love learning. We celebrated their efforts (and not just successes). Lessons and skills learning came in fun games and not as tasks to be finished. It was so effective we didn’t need to drill our kids with exercises to retain lessons or become smarter. 

I still spend the least time with smart boy Ian, but our Son-Rise parenting has helped Ian reach limitless potentials! He does not have a tutor, he does not go to kumon, I don’t help him with his homework, I don’t drill him to do exercises…I just celebrate all his efforts, big or small. He’s happy to do his homework and exercises on his own. 

Son-Rise has certainly blessed not only my twins with special needs need but my whole family! 

In the photo: Ian and his latest award in school. Excellent behaviour and determination Maths! How awesome is that!