Our beliefs become us

Pre-Son-Rise, I couldn’t understand why it took so long for Amor to follow my instructions, especially when we were outside. I always needed to raise my voice to make her follow me. And I wanted it done immediately!
I couldn’t understand why she was so “stubborn” (at least that’s how I saw it). I was equally baffled, when her teachers kept reporting that she was behaved in school. “Was I a terrible Mother who couldn’t control her own daughter?” I feared. I hated that feeling so I kept on looking for evidence of Amor being stubborn to her teachers at school. Don’t tell anyone…but I found so much relief when one day, her teacher told me that Amor was being difficult that day. “Alleluia!” I thought, “I’m not the crazy one, Amor really is a difficult child! It’s not my fault!” But that didn’t work out well. The more evidence I tried to find…the more she became difficult for her teachers and everyone else, for that matter.

I created a self-fulfilling prophesy. We hold on to beliefs that are useful for us. Then our beliefs, through our actions, become us.

Praise God, that I was led to this Son-RiseĀ® journey and really understood what was going on:

– Amor has sensory issues so changes in her environment, i.e. just going outside, bombarded her. Thus she was more irritable, and had difficulty following instructions.

– “Stubborn” was not something Amor was intentionally doing to give me a hard time. She was always trying her very best all the time to cope with bombarding sensory stimulation.

– Knowing how significantly she is affected by her sensory issues, I can better help her shift her brain from “fight or flight” mode (from sensory stimulants) to “recovery mode” via Son-Rise.

– Regardless of how my children behave, I know I am a good parent with good intentions for my children.  

It has been an amazing journey! As I collect evidence of her goodness, Amor is blossoming to the sweetest and most caring child. The truth is, the Son-Rise journey has helped me, the parent, so much more than it has helped my children.

In the photo: Me and my love, Amor, on our happy journey of so-called life!