I love you already

Because I have Nathan, I feel happy seeing children/adults with autism.
Last week at the grocery, there was a young man who made a brief sound. I turned to look and saw him playing with his french fries and sauce before taking the bite. I knew he had Autism. The love that my Nathan has instilled in me wanted to go up to him just to say, “Hello, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I just want to say hello and that I already love you.” I also wanted to talk to his Mom and invite her to get to know how The Son-Rise Program® can help her…

…but I’m human and at that point, very shy and afraid of what his mother’s reaction might be. I almost let that opportunity pass.  

I looked at him a little longer…probably trying to gather guts or decide to approach them or let it pass…

His mother’s back was turned towards me so I had enough time to look and decide if I wanted to approach them…at this point, I was already feeling like a stalker 😅

Then I realised, his Mother is a Son-Rise Mom too, who just attended the recent Son-Rise Program® Start-Up in Singapore!

Yes! I was able to approach the young man, say “hello” and even give him a hug! Then catch-up with his Mother and her Son-Rise Program! I’m just happy to be able to talk to another person with autism. I know that, even if our special kids might not respond the way we expect as a social society, they appreciate our attempts to connect with them.  

What a blessing to be able to reach out to him. What a blessing to be part of the Son-Rise community and Embrace Autism, building a loving Son-Rise community in Singapore! Because the Son-Rise community is growing, I am able to approach these kids, and even for a brief moment, be able to send the message “I love you already!”

In the photo: The Embrace Autism Team with Raun, Kate and Kaycee after the Son-Rise Program® New Frontiers Training in Singapore. 😘 I have been blessed by this amazing people!