Amor’s becoming so responsible!

The other day she was a bit upset that left her doll in school. The following day she had it in her hand and proudly said, “Look I got my doll back!”
This morning she told me, “I will remind my teacher that I have music today.” A few weeks ago her teacher forgot she had music on Wednesdays and needed to stay back in school. Amor was sent on the bus home and missed her lessons.  

In her early years, Amor’s Occupational Therapist talked about something wrong with her “working memory”…stuff you need to be able to comprehend a story book or a movie. True enough, when her younger Brother could, Amor still couldn’t sit through a long children’s movie and would get distracted easily. 

Today, she not only watches through movies (children’s or even movies for us parents), she also shows us how amazing her memory and comprehension are, and the responsible decisions she makes! 

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