Teach by not teaching

In Son-Rise®, we never really “teach” a child. We simply enjoy being with the child, which is the best way to encourage children to look at us, engage with us, and “learn” from us. Because the decision to engage is the child’s, learning is exponential and permanent!
Amor in particular, does not like being taught. When her sensory issues kick in, or when the fear of not being able to follow becomes a challenge, she starts scribbling on her work, almost as if to test my patience…but I know she is just trying her very best despite challenges.

Amor’s Son-Rise Volunteer, Zirah, sat and drew with Amor in a way Amor enjoyed. As a result, Amor kept on looking at Zirah, copying what she was doing, and taking advise to improve her drawings. Zirah is also blessed with amazing talent and has so much to share to help Amor!

At the end of the session, without really “teaching” Amor, Zirah “taught” Amor different styles of drawings that I know will enhance the artist in Amor! By the way, Amor has always had motor challenges. Because of her love for drawing, her motor skills have greatly improved.

Praise God for helping the artist in Amor blossom!

Last night as we prayed, Amor said, “Thank you Lord for Zirah, who drawed 😉 with me.” ❤

In the photo: Zirah being with Amor in a way Amor enjoys. I guess Amor was keenly watching Zirah because it looks like she replicated her art!