Nathan is spelling! 

Taking back what is rightfully mine!

Nathan had his delays as a baby, but I didn’t think he was that far behind. He was spelling by hearing as a toddler (age 2). I thought he could be high-function autistic back then…but he regressed so deep into autism. By the time he was 4 years old, he became severely autistic. He lost his words, his ability to sing nursery rhymes, his ability to doodle with a pen and use his hands with function, he lost his ability to spell. It felt like I lost my son. My life was doomed and I thought Nathan had no future. 

I first found hope when I found The Son-Rise Program®. In the first month of our home-based Son-Rise, Nathan progressed so much faster than all the conventional therapies in the first 5 years of his life, all put together.

Nathan started speaking with intention, soon after we started with Son-Rise. He became expressive. He became persistent with his wants. He started craving our attention.

Nathan’s social skill progressed well. But I wondered if he would ever take an interest in academic skills. I wondered if he would ever be interested in reading books.

Once in a while, like today, I check if he wants to spell again…he has been rejecting this “boring reading game” for the longest time. But today he amazes me. This is the first time in years that I have given him picture-less flash cards to check if he’s interested in reading.  
Amazing, without actively teaching Nathan to read, he is actually purposefully looking at my flash cards and doing his best to visually read.

Hope is here! Nathan may have “slipped away” during those regression years…but he’s coming back and I’m claiming complete healing through Christ!