Radically facing my fears

Amor had another seizure and fear tries to creep in again.
Instead of sending her to Sunday School we asked her to join us at Sunday service. It was a blessing that Dr. Marilyn Hicky was today’s guest speaker with the message of healing.

Amor sat attentively throughout the service. On the way home I asked her what was her favourite part. She said when “When Dr. Marilyn talked about the man who was healed and when she asked everyone to stand up (to claim personal healing).”

Tonight at bedtime Amor said, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a speaker like Dr. Marilyn Hicky and I will talk about Jesus!” 

I am claiming this as Amor’s first prophesy and revelation of her life’s purpose, in Jesus’ name! 

In the photo: Me, Amor and Lamy her lamb. Maybe in the future, Amor will have more to share about the greatest Lamb.