Sing your way to healingĀ 

Amor had another seizure. Two days later she has a high grade fever. I have to admit that I was praying out of fear, even if I know that fear attracts more fear. 
How do you give up fear when your child is very sick?

I have listened to many healing sermons but it seemed like I needed to listen to more. So I downloaded another sermon of Joseph Prince called “Praise Opens Doors To Grace.” It was a very lively sermon. Many times Pastor Prince actually sang his messages. He even shared funny moments when his neighbours had to knock on their door telling his Mother to ask him to tone down because he was singing loud worship songs in the shower and the whole block could hear it.

The message that I got from the sermon was that even before you experience the manifestation of healing, experience it through praise and worship. In other words, sing your way to healing. That resonates with my beliefs and is the reason why I love listening to Amor sing. For a child who used to have so much sensory issues, particularly hearing sensitivity, I know singing constantly heals her! So I sang my praise and worship songs in confidence of her healing.

I also asked close friends to Amor to pray for her recovery knowing that when 2 or more pray, God a answers. 

True enough Amor was well the next day and singing again. See photo. That’s a sign that she feels better. Her fever was completely gone after the 3rd day. 

Today, Nathan caught the fever and just as I did for Amor, I will sing in confidence knowing that God will keep protecting him from harm because Nathan still have a God-given mission to fulfil.