Ever so expressive!

In the middle of last night I woke-up to Nathan shouting from him room, “Mama, I want water!” I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming so I stayed in bed for another minute. Apparently he had been shouting for a few minutes before I realised I wasn’t dreaming. His next shout was, “Mama, give me water please!”

I usually feel tired whenever I have to check Nathan when wakes up in the middle of the night, crying or laughing (and this happens frequently), but last night I had a big smile on my face thinking how awesome that Nathan expressed his needs and projected his voice across the hall to his sleeping Mom instead of crying! 

The other day, I was in the shower, I thought I heard Amor knocking and speaking outside. I listened carefully and it was Nathan shouting ever so clearly, “Mama, [I want to] come into the bathroom please.” He has never projected his voice so loud and clear before.

Imagine that, a child with autism wanting to be heard and expressing it loud, clear and ever so politely! 

#ByGodsGrace #SonRiseRocks

In the photo. Me and Nathan this morning.