Miracle in the making

I created this video in March 2020, when I felt it was impossible for Nathan to ride a bike.

It wasn’t long after creating this video that I tested and found that Nathan could actually pedal a bike!

March 2020 Video:

Doctors said that there was nothing I could do to help fix the “hole” in my son’s brain. My twins Nathan and Amor were born prematurely. Nathan needed a respiratory during the first 3 days of his life. He was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting his ability to control his legs. Doctors projected that he may never walk.

I knew that physical therapy was going to be a big part of my life. But there is nothing easy about physical therapy. When Nathan was younger and smaller, you could say it was “easier” only because I could bear most of his weight. But his autism (later diagnosed at age 4) was not doing any help. It was as if he could take his mind out of his body, resulting to me do all the physical therapy for him. There was no muscle learning during these periods.

I thought perhaps the Doctors were right, nothing could help my child’s cerebral palsy….so why keep trying? But trying we did. No matter how little the results, we kept trying. But many times I would question if all that we were doing was worth it. It was easier to not do anything…and the results were the same…almost nil. To add to the challenges, Nathan is now in his puberty. He is much bigger, heavier and difficult to assist. Plus, his muscles have been pulling in all the wrong directions.

But can I just say…I know God’s hand is on our journey! #JesusHeals Three years before seeing any miracles related to Nathan’s walking, God let me know that he was going to do something for Nathan: https://www.facebook.com/977393535661…

Recently, Nathan has become more willing to walk longer and longer distances. Church was one first places he consistently went to without needing a wheelchair. Then the fast food/mall, then the movie, then dental appointments…now he does not ask his wheelchair when we go out.

In this healing journey, I have learned to tune in and listen to healing changes so I know we’re heading in the right direction. For example, I used to need to carry most of Nathan’s leg weight light when we did these bicycle play exercises. You can see that I have to fully grip his feet to move them around as if he was riding a bicycle. Without my support, his legs would just wobble and drop. He was unable to push his legs and I have refrained from dreaming that it would be possible for him to have enough force to pedal a bike…

Watch me test Nathan’s strength and coordination, by not offering much support and simply putting my flat palms for his feet to push! And he did! To demonstrate further, I used my thumb and he did almost all the work. If I was to put numbers on it. He used to need 90% of my help to get our bicycle game going. Now, he only needs 10% of my help. Who knows what Nathan will be capable of doing? Maybe one day he will be able to independently ride a bike 😉 Tomorrow is bright for us!