A miracle unfolds in front of our eyes

When I met Elizabeth, I noticed her lazy eye, but I was too embarrassed to say anything about my discomfort. I didn’t know which eye I should look at.

But during our seminar, Bears just asked her what was going on with her eyes and asked why she chose not to look straight with it. He always asks questions nobody would dare to ask.

We all have the belief that lazy eye is lazy eye and nothing can be done about it, especially after the age of 7. Because, doctors tell us these, we accept them as “facts” and never challenge them…as with many things doctors tell us about autism.

Through lovingly asking, Bears helped uncover that Elizabeth had fears and that was the reason why she wouldn’t look straight into peoples eyes. In that brief power dialogue, Elizabeth identified her beliefs and decided they were not useful. She conquered her fear (by changing her belief) in an instant and looked at Bears using her “lazy eye”

In the days that followed, I would notice how Elizabeth CHOSE to look straight into my eyes. The fascination I felt was exactly like when a child with autism looks directly into my eyes…doctors say their brains are not wired to look yet they CAN CHOOSE to look, if they feel your love and excitement for them.

As I told Elizabeth how excited I felt for her, she said Bears did for her what she did for her son. She believed and told him he did not need to tantrum and in and instant, he chose not to.

Miracles happen everyday.