Significant physical improvements

We went to see Nathan’s Physical Therapist. Last time we saw him was a month ago. He said Nathan’s walk and posture has significantly improved. It looks like he has woken up new muscles in his legs. He asked my what kind of (physical) therapy I was doing at home with Nathan. He knows that I pulled Nathan out of school and other therapies to run a home-based Son-Rise Program for Autism. Maybe he had doubts that Nathan would do better if I kept him home. I said all I was doing was allowing him to do what motivates him, like climbing up chairs and tables and standing while spinning on the swivel chair. I say “YES” to all his wants and celebrate his improvements, big or small. He had a surprised looked on his face…not really conventional physical therapy. Then I pointed out the amount of time Nathan was standing. He must be standing and balancing for up to 80% or more of his waking time now. A lot of time used to be spent sitting before. Then he was enlightened. He said that in a few months, the newly awaken muscles will start to grow bulk and we will see even more improvements.

And that is the scientific explanation of how a neurological problem like cerebral palsy can potentially be cured…and so can autism…through a home-based Son-Rise Program!