My consultation with my homeopathic doctor:
Dr: Did you give Nathan the MMR (Measles Mumps and Rubella).

Me: In Japan they give MR so I went looking for the separate M (Mumps). Is it helpful that it’s separated like what they do in Japan?

Dr: I think the measles vaccine in itself is an issue. Did your give chickenpox vaccine?

Me: Yes. I didn’t know that had issues.

Dr: I have doubts on that one. Did you give the flu vaccine?

Me: Yes, twice…you can shoot me now!

Dr: (smiles) it’s ok you didn’t know back then.

We’re going to undo Nathan’s #VaccineInjury that caused #RegressiveAutism.

While Nathan was talking in sentences at age 2, he lost all his words by age 4.

It’s only been a month with few homeopathic remedies and it’s amazing how I can feel old circuits waking up. Like Nathan recalled all the signs for banana, water, milk, bread, monkey, rhino, giraffe…stuff I taught him when he was a toddler! He has also started to make spontaneous comments… something he was already doing at age 2 before he regressed into autism and lost all his speech.