Monica’s Son-Rise experience with Nathan (Nov 2011 to March 2012, Kobe, Japan)

Spending time with Nathan was a privilege and a pleasure. It was a heartwarming and fulfilling opportunity to be part of his Son-Rise journey, whether through singing songs, dancing or just exploring new sights, sounds and textures together. Nathan has helped me appreciate and see the world in a new and more nuanced way. I invite you all to join Nathan on his inspiring adventure through Son-Rise.

Monica Quahiansen


Marie’s Son-Rise experience with Nathan (Feb – June 2012, Kobe, Japan)

Working with Nathan through the Son-Rise program has been mutually beneficial, both to me and Nathan. Not only was I able to obtain new knowledges that I wouldn’t be able to learn at school or everyday life, it has shaped me to be a more well rounded and optimistic person. Even though the Son-Rise program is for the mere purposes of pulling autism out of the person, it gives an astonishing wonderful after effect to the facilitator. I am very gifted to have the pleasure of being Nathan’s Son-Rise facilitator as I am able to witness the colossal progress Nathan is able to make. Spending time with Nathan brings a large spectrum of emotions in a very short time, from sad, scared, happy, laughing to surprised. It is very fun and enjoyable to spend time with Nathan as it is usually the high light of my week! Just to see him grow and simply spending time with Nathan is priceless and something that is missed the second your session ends with Nathan.

Thank you,
Marie Kuyumgyan