Still active even after the son-rise session (Mom)

Today, the forecast was rainy so I decided to make Nathan absent from school to avoid catching a cold. Good opportunity to spend some son-rise time with him too.

In the morning, we spent 2 hours in the “son-rise” room. After lunch, we went off to sensory therapy. Then we “swam” in the tub at home. Then some lull time after dinner.

I can see how much more permanent learning can be with son-rise program compared to other therapies.

During the lull time, Nathan was still quite active for his standards. As his twin sister, Amor, cut through her art paper, Nathan turned around with an expression-full, “oh no! You broke the tape of Spa (Spa is his silly word for the month)”. Since Amor did not answer, he said it again. And yet again, with an even louder voice. He wouldn’t give up until I finally came in and repeated, “oh know….spa!” He stopped and started laughing. Nathan does not usually struggle to get anyone’s attention. He would normally give up as soon as he tries. So that was really amazing to watch.

I caught a short clip of Nathan’s “Oh no”

Later, he asked for more raisins. We had been eating raisins and learning to count with them in the morning. Then, he remembered something he used to do in speech therapy: along with raisins, “Mr. Su gave me Pretz,” he said. Yes, he has done it! Nathan has successfully told me something in the past tense. He is starting to tell me stories of his past! It starts with that very first sentence. I do hope more will come.

Since he’s happier, he’s also been showing more energy to walk or move around. Recently, he has been struggling to free himself from his wheel chair and to walk around.