Nathan is tired today (Mom)

Nathan’s cold woke him up and kept him up during most of the night. I decided to make him absent again. Wednesdays are walking/hiking days at school so I’m sure Nathan would just complain if he was too sleepy to walk.

This morning I asked him if he wanted to go to the son-rise room and his face lit up as he answered “yes”. We had fun spinning in the swivel chair and making up songs with his new word, “spa”. He comes up with a new, fun to pronounce word ever month or so. I call it his flavor-of-the-month. Last month it was “Manang Carmeling”. That’s the lady that used to cook for us on occasion. I guess her name was fun to say.

When he looked as if he was getting bored he asked, “[I] want to go outside.” Excited, I got him into his brace shoes and winter jacket. He cooperated putting on his shoes, a rare occasion.

But before we got out of that door, he made that “I’m bored” expression again and asked, “want to go to the bedroom”. As it took so long to get him into is winter clothing, I ignored his second request. Sure enough, he was really tired and wanted maybe to catch up with more sleep. He started crying like crazy outside and I had to carry him back in. Why didn’t i listen to him when he said he needed to go to bed? He is currently settling down in bed. A bit of crying but I think he’ll fall a sleep soon.

I hope the rest of the day goes well for both of us.